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Enjoy a day out in Germany’s North Luxembourg B2B Contact List Rhine-Westphalia. We wanted to treat ourselves to a cake with a nice cup of coffee. We had an appointment in Café Hüftgold. It was really enjoyable and the cake was delicious. So did Patrizia. At one point she asked me if the name of the cafe meant anything. ‘Hüftgold’ – she didn’t know that German word. I started Luxembourg B2B Contact List talking enthusiastically about the “gold” on the hips, or the extra kilos. They call those pounds ‘Hüftgold’ in Germany.

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What I didn’t realize is that Patrizia herself had gained a Luxembourg B2B Contact List few kilos during the corona crisis. She looked at me a little bewildered. The name ‘Hüftgold’ apparently had sprinkled salt in the wound. 3. Pferdeäpfel Another brain teaser: Which German word does not belong? Äpfel, Erdäpfel, Granatäpfel, Pferdeäpfel… ‘Pferdeäpfel’ is the correct answer. The German words ‘Äpfel’, ‘Erdäpfel’ and ‘Granatäpfel’ refer to fruits and vegetables and are therefore edible! This is in Luxembourg B2B Contact List contrast to the term ‘Pferdeäpfel’. When we think of apples, we initially think of fruit. Janneke from Venlo too.

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She went looking for a summer job with the Eastern Luxembourg B2B Contact List neighbors. She saw on a German site that ‘Pferdeäpfelsammler’ were being sought in Hiddensee. Picking apples – Janneke could do that. She had previously helped on a fruit farm before. When she called the German number, she soon found out that this job was a very special type of apple. Horse Luxembourg B2B Contact List manure resembles apples in shape. That’s why they call it ‘Pferdeäpfel’ in Germany. Do you think the German word ‘Pferdeäpfel’ sounds strange?


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