Futurebrand Creates the Vivia Brand

GRUPO LAR , a Spanish company specializing in the investment, Iceland WhatsApp Number List development and management of real estate assets, has teamed up with the French asset management firm Primonial to create VIVIA , a platform that leads in Spain what is known as the “build to rent” phenomenon. ”. This, which literally translates as “building to rent”, consists of building new construction homes and managing rentals “in a professionalized Iceland WhatsApp Number List  way”. For this, the company specialized in the transformation of brands FutureBrand (McCann group) has been in charge of giving life to this new platform. It has reflected its relevant and differential promise through a brand strategy, a name and a visual identity.

Platform to Manage the Rental in a “Personalize

To create VIVIA it has been essential to know the current Iceland WhatsApp Number List situation, in which renting is an upward trend in Spain. For some people, it’s a more flexible and agile way of living. However, others see it as a temporary solution that does not offer long-term security and confidence. In this context, VIVIA has the opportunity to offer a brand experience that adapts to a life in constant change: leading a new way of living that helps people feel in control of their time, their money, their home and of everything they choose to live. This is how Iceland WhatsApp Number List the “Easy Living” brand promise was born , which aims to make life easier for people , and which tells a story of clarity and honesty, of excellence and reliability, of adaptability and proactivity, of simplicity and care.


Advocate for a Change in the System

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