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This sounds simpler than it is. Self-organization Ethiopia Email List requires additional skills from employees, such as be able to give and receive feedback, to be accountable, to chair a meeting, set own priorities, ask for help in a timely manner, monitor your own personal development, And so I can go on and on… In our organization, I have experienced that giving and receiving feedback Ethiopia Email List is experienced as one of the most difficult things there is. It’s easier to ignore “that annoying remark about the content of your.

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Always End on a Positive Note

You then have to look for the core of the message without Ethiopia Email List prejudices for yourself, in order to learn something from it. But it is precisely this confrontation that makes you stronger as a team. The way in which this is done is of course essential. Setting a good Ethiopia Email List example in this is already a first step. A tip : be hard on the content, soft on the person. Self-organizing team Jirtsin Beenhakker makes a distinction in his book between a group and a team.

New Ways to Captivate

Where a group has joint tasks and performs them separately, a Ethiopia Email List team takes joint responsibility and ensures the best result together. The question is, of course: how do you turn a group into a team? The picture shows the difference between a strong and weak team. Source: The Pyramid of Lencioni. Lencioni’s Pyramid provides insight into the quality of collaboration in Ethiopia Email List teams. Trust is the basis of a strong team. I agree with him that this is a good starting point because without trust you will not get anywhere.

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