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For example, Kim Munnecom launched an online training Dubai Email List via her podcast last September for the first time and achieved a turnover of one ton! That’s making money with your podcast. Earning model 4: collect online leads In the past, as a marketer, you had a simple Dubai Email List marketing mix compared to now. You remember them: the 5 P’s. The internet has opened up many more options for attracting customers. For example, you can collect online leads with blogs and online articles, start an online

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Community, use social media and offer a giveaway, such Dubai Email List as a free e-book. By plugging your podcast into your articles, your community or your social media and by highlighting your free giveaway in your podcast, you can also link such a free giveaway to your podcast. In Dubai Email List this way, different channels reinforce each other, so that you collect interesting leads. You can then send these leads valuable content in the form of emails, videos or audio files. Ultimately, these leads are warm up to

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Start working with you or buy a product from you if Dubai Email List you make an offer. Earning model 5: crowdfunding In America. This fifth revenue model is regularly applied and in the Netherlands you see it more and more. For example, the American Mike Schubert has a podcast about Harry Potter books. Pretty exciting you might think. But he has a huge number of listeners, Dubai Email List his podcast has been downloaded more than 50 million times.


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