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You as a professional also have a story, but it can be Malaysia Phone Number List difficult to tell a ‘correct’ story about yourself on social media or your website. Avoid these 5 common mistakes . Video I’m sure there will be even more apps that allow you to edit videos this year . For example, they can subtitle or translate your video in an instant or blur a background. You can see more video Malaysia Phone Number List trends from Pelpina Trip in this video . It is tempting to think of platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo in your online video strategy as a company.

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They are free and generate reach. Still, it is Malaysia Phone Number List interesting to consider having your own video platform. These 10 steps will help you on your way. Do you want to use video to achieve campaign objectives? To determine success, you will have to determine the right KPIs. Angela Vreeswijk explains in her article what you can think of here. Are you going for brand awareness, conversion or something else? Each channel on which you want to post a video has Malaysia Phone Number List its own unwritten rules. By taking this into account when planning your productions, you can save a lot of time and costs.

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What video formats do you need on Malaysia Phone Number List Instagram, TikTok and other channels? An ultimate overview , you can see here. Podcasts What are the podcast trends and which developments should we not miss? During the Dutch-language Podcast Summit, Mirjam Heggers spoke with podcast makers and experts about authenticity, among other things . A podcast Malaysia Phone Number List is a unique way to share your own story, message and knowledge with the target group. Who is the person behind the company?

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