From Flamenco to Reggeaton

OUIGO, the high-speed train operator belonging to Denmark WhatsApp Number List the French company SNCF, has just landed in Spain and has arrived with a bang. Together with his creative agency, Havas , he has presented a radio campaign on Spotify that stands out for its originality and ingenuity. With the aim of popularizing high speed in Spain, the company Denmark WhatsApp Number List wanted to communicate what OUIGO is, how it works, which destinations it travels to and at what prices. I want to make money

This Is the Ouigo Ad on Spotify

And to do so, it has chosen to devise a non-intrusive strategy by Denmark WhatsApp Number List launching ‘A versioned campaign’ , a set of advertising spots that change according to the musical tastes of the consumer. Thus, thanks to the data provided by the streaming music playback platform , which allows us to know what each user is playing at all times, 6 creative pieces have been created, one for each of the most listened to musical styles on Spotify: Electronic , Denmark WhatsApp Number List Flamenco, Rock, Pop, Folk and Reggaeton.

That Changes to Suit the Consumer

In this way, the listener will hear the OUIGO Denmark WhatsApp Number List. Commercial that is most in line with their profile, depending on the type of music they are listening to. As a song, OUIGO’s sound pieces begin by explaining the reason for this format. Ads cut you off, that’s why ours sounds like what you’re listening to”. Then, following the rhythm of the music, a voice details the advantages of this service and its prices. Nacho Soria , executive creative director of Havas. “We are very proud of this campaign in which we have found an exceptional Denmark WhatsApp Number List solution. Different routes and prices of the company , adapting to the environment as no other advertiser had done so far”. I want to make money

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