The Frankwatching Annual Review

Always as flashy as when preceded by ‘he’ or ‘she’. ‘It will Afghanistan Email Lists probably become clear to you this summer that global warming is having disastrous consequences.’ Here ‘you’ catch the eye. While the subject is the subordinate clause ‘that has’. Analyzing sentences grammatically is often too much to ask. Insight, attention and/or time are lacking. You can do a quick check by Afghanistan Email Lists thinking another verb in place of the finite verb: ‘stay(t)’ for example. By analogy, the t is also (not) includ with ‘word(t)’.

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Determine/determine Who decides that I’m not allowed Afghanistan Email Lists to write ‘certain’ here? This category of verbs is notorious: they start with be. Ge-, her-, mis-, ont-, ver- or an unemphasized preposition and do not receive an (extra) ge- in the perfect tense. As a result, you can hardly recognize them as a finite verb or past participle. ‘Recognize’ is one such case: you recognize Afghanistan Email Lists something, you have recognized it – same sound, different spelling. The your primary goal is probably correct spelling must be deduced from the context.

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Although the problem hardly arises with strong Afghanistan Email Lists verbs (‘overcomes – conquered’) and verbs with a past tense in -te (‘packaged’), the residual category is so large that it unfortunately contains hundreds of frequently occurring stumbling blocks. The most commonly used verbs with this problem are mean. Mtreat, promise, determine, consider, spend, preserve, believe, deny, persuade. Change, distribute, earn, move, declare, tell, collect One factor that certainly doesn’t Afghanistan Email Lists make it any easier is that such forms can also slyly have another part of speech – as ‘determined’ is an adverb in this sentence.


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