Found 35 Free Local Listings to Claim Now Business Visibility

Claiming free listings on local search directories is a great way to increase your business visibility. You’ve probably used at least one of these sites before, when looking for a place to eat or to find a doctor. Here are free local listings you can claim to help increase your business’ exposure. 32 Free Local Business Listings 1. Google My Business Google My Business is one of the most popular search services on the Internet. Every time someone searches for your business on Google, your business information is included. Google may also use your business listing as search results when searching for keywords related to your business. You can think of your company’s Google My Business listing as a rewarded search result on Google. We have a blog post detailing why and how to use Google My Business.

Free Local Business Listings popular Google My Business

Improve your position in Google Local Search 2. Allocations is another search engine that also has a business listing platform. With Bing Places for Business, Ring users will also have access to your business. If you’ve already set up a Google My Business listing, you can  France Mobile Number Database easily import it into Bing Places in seconds! 3. Shout Yelp is often used as a review tool for businesses like restaurants and stores, but just about any business can be listed on the site. This site is a great option because searchers are actively looking for a place with a high rating. Yelp is by far the most popular business review site, which increases the likelihood that your listing will bring in leads.

Super Page When You First Visit the Super Pages Website

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Yellow Pages When Yellow Pages started their website, after years of only printing books, they added a new feature. The Yellow Pages site is very similar to Yelp in that it is also a review platform. Yellow Pages website visitors are searching for a business to use, which helps you generate leads for your business. Manta is a site dedicated to raising awareness for small businesses, so much so that their slogan is “A place for small businesses.” Therefore, Manta greatly helps small business owners as the site does not heavily support larger companies. Uniquely, you can also search by category, not just by keyword. When you first visit the Super Pages website, you’ll see that it’s laid out differently than other listing platforms. It’s more of a cognitive tool than a rating tool.

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