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The group of friends had rioted. But why? Were there any Latvia Email List injuries? Certain expressions and sayings really need to be learned in another language. Leonie knew the word ‘Gefecht’, but the expression ‘außer Gefecht sein’ meant nothing to her at all. My tip: keep a list of German words and expressions that are misleading and memorize this German word list. German beer. You’re out Latvia Email List of the fight with too many beers! Why is it important to recognize misleading German words?

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The four most important reasons in a row: You don’t want Latvia Email List to be faced with (unpleasant) surprises This applies both privately and in business . And let’s be honest anyone who comes into contact with Germans would do well to brush up on their knowledge of German. Of course you want to be able to understand your conversation partner as well as possible. You may Latvia Email List want to chat with your neighbor at the campsite. Or maybe you have a lot of contact with German business partners, and you even plan to live in Germany.

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Whichever way you look at it, in all these cases you Latvia Email List will have to make sure that your knowledge of German is up to scratch. Can’t understand a certain German word in an informal conversation? Then you can easily ask for an explanation. In a business context, this is often a bit more sensitive. You are now the professional, and asking for additional explanations is not always Latvia Email List appropriate. Is ‘das Vorjahr’ mentioned in a business conversation? Then you might be tempted to think that this word just means spring.

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