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Then the Video content marketing training may offer the help South Korea Business Email List you need! Many marketers are familiar with the last-click attribution model. This is add as a default attribution model by the system as soon as you create a conversion in Google Ads. But that era seems to be over. Google recently announced that this attribution model will no longer be standard. Instead, the South Korea Business Email List latest data-driven attribution model becomes the new standard for all conversion actions. Are we surprised?

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New. Does it have an impact on how we report as South Korea Business Email List Google Ads specialists? Yes, of course! In this article I explain what data-driven attribution is and why this change is important. From the beginning, last click attribution has been the default conversion model. This means that the source that generated the last click also gets all the value of the South Korea Business Email List conversion. But the customer journey is no longer that simple. In recent years, many digital marketing channels and interaction moments have been added, making the customer journey much more complex.

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An example: you click on a Facebook ad, then South Korea Business Email List you continue your search on Google, you view the website, leave the website, later see a banner and decide to buy the product by clicking on the banner. In this example, the last banner would be assigned all value via last-click attribution. That is not entirely fair, because all kinds of interactions have South Korea Business Email List taken place before that. As you can see in the example above, there are many touchpoints in the customer journey. With last-click attribution, unfortunately,


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