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Column – Will Google Analytics be banned in Europe Thailand WhatsApp Number List soon? Many marketers scratched their heads when the Austrian privacy watchdog DSB ruled in January 2022 that Google Analytics violates the GDPR and may no longer be used. A decision with far-reaching consequences or a statement that will come to nothing? Perhaps more important than the outcome is whether European companies will finally abandon Google Analytics once and for all after these new allegations. Austria vs. Google: 1-0 A discredited American tech giant: Thailand WhatsApp Number List nothing new under the sun, right? Silicon Valley has been facing increasing opposition from Asian and European quarters in recent years.

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As China counters pressure from the United Thailand WhatsApp Number List States with a ban-and-copy policy, Europe is diligently building its own legislative framework to steer the digital revolution. In January 2022, Google got the wind from the front. According to the Austrian privacy watchdog DSB, Google Analytics is in violation of the GDPR and European regulations on data flows. Rightly so, because although the data of European companies Thailand WhatsApp Number List to be stor in Europe.  Google transfers it en masse to the US – encrypted, but that is of secondary importance. The verdict: Europe must ban Google Analytics .

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More and more European countries are Thailand WhatsApp Number List considering a ban, while the pressure on Google to adapt is mounting. That is to say: to become compliant with the GDPR. Their revenue model, on the other hand, they will probably never give up. The rest can found in the extensive article that you can read via the link in bio. Admittedly: for companies such as and HEMA, with an extensive range it is Thailand WhatsApp Number List obvious to make countless topical and humorous inhakers. That is different when you want to commit yourself to migrants or command respect for postmen.

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