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Content in the form of articles, video and podcasts. content Iceland Phone Number List strategy.  If we have learned anything from the past period, it is that flexibility is a must. Also in your content strategy . The madness is not over yet, so you will also need space to work on relevant stories in the near future. Or to sharpen your strategy by looking for your best performing content. That meets at Iceland Phone Number List least 3 of these characteristics: Many visitors who stay on the page (much) longer than average Visitors share the page with others

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The page is related to your Iceland Phone Number List offer.  The page provides desired actions or reactions A good or rising position in Google If you have a clear picture of which pages are performing well, you can further increase the return on that content. Linda Krijns Iceland Phone Number List shares possible actions here . SEMrush ‘s research into the anatomy of top articles also provides interesting insights. For example, did you know that longreads with 7000+ words get almost 4x more traffic and 43% more shares than articles of average length

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In B2B, content must be Iceland Phone Number List clear, highly accurate and targeted. This makes a content strategy at this level much more complex. Basak Özkan shares 8 steps and helpful examples for a B2B content strategy . content marketing In addition to Iceland Phone Number List the existing information needs, empathy and emotion are more important than ever in content marketing. It is no longer just about telling a story, but about conveying a feeling. So hit your target audience where it counts: right in the heart.

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