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Measuring brain activity when viewing communication tools Democratic Donor Email List will become the standard in the analyzes we make of our content. That is why a neuro-nerd in the editorial office of the future is not an unnecessary luxury. Let’s mainly promote him to all-round analyst, but ‘neuro’ will turn out to be a major part. So much for the roles I envision in the Democratic Donor Email List 2030 editorial board. Which role appeals to you most? And how afraid are you of the robotization of content creation? It has been popular for several years to give a course via Instagram.

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It’s easy, because you know the platform and your followers Democratic Donor Email List are already using it. Plus, it’s free. Instagram’s terms don’t prohibit it either, although some think it does. However, you have to arrange a number of things properly to prevent misery afterwards. Prevent unsatisfied customers The biggest problem with (online) courses, Democratic Donor Email List training and programs is that customers are dissatisfied and want at least a refund because they feel they didn’t get what they expected. Legally we call this a breach of contract .

How to Avoid Being a Stranger in a Strange Land

That means that in addition to the beautiful stories Democratic Donor Email List with which you want to sell your course on Instagram , you also have to ensure realistic and measurable promises. In any case, don’t promise more than you can deliver. But above all, do not suggest better results than is realistic. Do you have one customer who has achieved a certain result after your course? Then clearly state that you had a customer who achieved that, but not that your customers in general achieve that. It also helps to be specific about what you actually deliver: When will Democratic Donor Email List the content be online? The number of posts.

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