Facebook ads yang merupakan platform iklan

Facebook ads, which is the advertising platform with the most users, offers many types of ads that users can consume. Facebook ads are also able to regulate market reach to be more targeted to users. Advertising through Facebook is also one way to build brand awareness

In addition to having many advantages, of course, Facebook ads also have disadvantages. Now to find out, every advantage and disadvantage of Facebook, you can listen to the following article, so check it out!

Advantages of facebook ads

Have a focused and targeted target
By using facebook ads we will be able to choose a target audience that suits our business. Facebook ads classify user data, this makes it easier for business owners to determine targets. On Facebook ads we can reach domestic and foreign audiences

Does not change image quality when uploading
In Facebook ads we can upload images and videos as a form of promotion. When we upload an image on Facebook, the quality of the image will not change other than that we can upload several photos at once into a gallery. This way we don’t have to worry if our image quality will be bad after uploading

Can adjust costs as desired
To be able to advertise on Facebook ads, you don’t have to worry about cost because the cost of advertising on Facebook is affordable. With a capital of 10 thousand you Design Directors Managers Email Lists can advertise on Facebook and get great insight. You can set the cost according to your pocket

Offers a variety of ad formats

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Facebook ads not only offer advertising services in the form of images but also video, audio, and slideshows. You can choose the ad format that suits your business. It relies on your creativity as a business owner

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After knowing all the advantages of Facebook ads, you also have to know what are the disadvantages of this to help you set the right strategy for your business, check out the reviews!

Disadvantages of facebook ads
Low effectiveness in attracting attention
Although the platform with the most users, most users use Facebook only to communicate with friends, upload statuses, or upload pictures. Not a few of Facebook users who don’t like it even feel uncomfortable and often click cancel to remove ads. This is the drawback of Facebook itself. As a business owner you must continue to innovate to attract the attention of users.

Low conversion and click rates
On Facebook, the conversion rate tends to be low, it takes a long time, especially for beginners

Category irregularity
When you have successfully uploaded an ad, it is not uncommon for your ad to appear with other ads that do not have a category

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook ads, you can begin to determine what kind of marketing strategy is suitable for your business. Don’t focus on the existing shortcomings because the truth is

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