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Then there was a moment of silence. Claudia took the Kuwait Email List German name ‘Tote Oma’ a bit too literally. “Gosh, Ludwig’s grandmother is dying. How bad!“ Claudia thought it was very inappropriate that Ludwig talked so enthusiastically about his dying grandmother. What she didn’t realize is that ‘Tote Oma’ is a traditional DDR dish. Pure (n)ostalgia for Ludwig. If we Kuwait Email List do not master a foreign language flawlessly, all kinds of misunderstandings can arise. These can be funny.

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But sometimes they are really annoying! Do you Kuwait Email List speak a foreign language at C1 level? Then your conversation partner often automatically assumes that you understand every word perfectly. But there will always be expressions of which you as a non-native Kuwait Email List speaker do not yet know the meaning. Learning is a continuous process. 5. Außer Gefecht signal Admittedly, it is perhaps a prejudice that most Germans like to drink a beer and that beer is often allowed to flow freely in Germany.

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The Dutch just grab an innocent terrace. Germans know Kuwait Email List what they want – they enjoy going to the ‘Biergarten’. Do you have a hangover and are you going to sleep off your high afterwards? Then according to the Germans you are out of action (‘außer Gefecht’). The men’s night was over. Leonie was told all the tall tales afterwards. Her German friend had Kuwait Email List kept it civil. The rest of the group was so-called ‘außer Gefecht’. All sorts of things ran through Leonie’s head for a moment. She was shocked

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