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One way to generate traffic to your dropshipping store is by hiring advertising on social networks. But if you become a seller on Amazon you will be able to pay for ads within the Amazon platform itself . In this way, you will increase your sales and build your positive reputation (something basic to improve the organic positioning of your products within the platform). And not only that: you can also save money on advertising on Facebook because organic positioning on Amazon will generate a lot of free traffic from customers interested in buying your products.

You can test many products with almost no risk Lacking stock.  It’s much easier to know if you’ve hit the nail on the head with your dropshipping Germany whatsapp number list niche. Because if things don’t go your way you won’t have a ton of items you’ve paid for in advance. In addition, the potential of Amazon allows you to test in front of a huge audience. So you need less time to do the test than if you did the test directly in your own store. 5. You will benefit from the great reputation. Amazon People have become accustomed to the service offer. Amazon and many customers, when they have to buy something, have a habit of accessing Amazon first. All this makes customers fully trust Amazon .

If You Dropship with Amazon

You can benefit from that trust, as customers will think. They are buying directly from Amazon. buy on aliexpress and sell on amazon. Main disadvantages of dropshipping with Amazon Although the benefits of dropshipping on Amazon are obvious. Not everything is rosy. In fact, the big problem that you will find if you decide to dropship. Amazon is that the marketplace itself establishes a large number of restrictions on this type of operation . These terms and conditions make dropshipping with Amazon impossible in practice, since. When the order is generated, you cannot buy the product from another Internet seller. If this is going to be the one in charge of sending it to the final customer. In fact, you couldn’t buy. On AliExpress and sell on Amazon.

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This is a pretty big deterrent for just about everyone who drops ships. Labels, stickers, invoices or delivery notes that are different from yours or those of your business appear. on the package that is sent to the final customer. This makes operations even more difficult, since your provider’s data is almost always in the package. In practice, the only possible option to dropship on Amazon would be through the FBA program. Launch the ecommerce you’ve always dreamed of for free DISCOVER MORE For that reason, we think that the best alternative to dropshipping is through a platform like DSers for the following reasons: Simple and intuitive platform. DSers and Shopify in a few minutes, so in a few clicks you will have your online store operational.

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AliExpress product you just have to choose the products you. Want to sell in your store and it is directly connected to AliExpress. In this way, it is always synchronized and with the updated price. Order automation : when an order is generated in your online store, DSers will directly take care of all the shipping procedures to the final customer. Huge variety of products : the catalog that DSers manages through AliExpress is the widest and most assorted in the dropshipping sector. You can set up your own store : while on Amazon you have to sell in a marketplace, without your brand, DSers allows you to create your own store, more in line with your corporate image .

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