End of the third-party cookie era

Google, Apple and Microsoft are also feeling the hot breath of privacy Russia WhatsApp Number List legislation and GDPR on their necks. They have therefore decided to block third-party cookies. For you as a marketer, this makes your target group targeting and the insight into your target groups less sharp. In practice, this means that your Analytics figures become cloudy: for a larger part of your web traffic. It becomes more difficult to trace the source and the conversions.In addition. Your audience targeting will become less specific than you are used to at the moment. Think of the target groups that Facebook places people in Russia WhatsApp Number List  base on their monitored surfing behaviour. Or the custom intent target groups that Google defines, allowing you to target your competitor’s website visitors: it all becomes less clear. Your reports become less accurate due to browsers that increasingly block third-party cookies. And with the announcement of Google Analytics breaking the GDPR rule.

Obfuscation of Data Is Lurking

Analytics data may become even less accurate. Only: the Russia WhatsApp Number List Analytics reports do not show which data is missing. And therein lies the danger of unnoticed clouding. The reassuring news is: there are good alternatives. It is precisely by taking action that you can take advantage of this; if you have more insight than the rest of your competitors, you can make more informed choices. I list a number of action points, in order of impact on your daytime activities and on your wallet:  but also those of your apps. By immediately setting the right goals and adding filters, you immediately start creating and collecting reliable data, even without cookies. A good first step! Recently, Russia WhatsApp Number List on January 15, the Dutch Data Protection Authority indicated that Google Analytics may be violating AVG/GDPR rules .

This Is How You Prepare Yourself for the Phasing

There is a good chance that it will end with Russia WhatsApp Number List a sizzle. But, if they conclude that Google Analytics is breaking the rules, I expect that tip 4 will still help you measure visitors. If your strategy now includes display or social as an element and targets interests, hobbies, work, remarketing, or “similar audiences”, you should look for other ways to reach the same audience. Contextual targeting is a good alternative for this. Here you will again look for the connecting terms or websites where your target group is located. And there you will place advertisements that fit the user’s feeling at that moment. In addition, Google has shared that they are thinking of an alternative to third-party cookies. Google Russia WhatsApp Number List itself calls it a “ sandbox ” that advertisers can use.

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