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Here are some trends. Shifting from cookies to French Email List algorithms to recognize users.  If cookies are going to be restrict there will be more and more gaps in recognizing returning users. Algorithms will increasingly be use to recognize users. Google Analytics 4 (GA4), for example, responds to this with the Google Signals function . GA4 already uses several factors, in French Email List addition to cookies, to continue to recognize users: User ID. Google gives you the option to provide your own anonymous identifier .

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This is an ideal and reliable method for login websites French Email List to recognize repeat users. Google Signals. If no user ID is provided, Google will use the Google Signals feature to recognize users. The following conditions are use here: The feature must be enabl. A user must French Email List agree to marketing cookies. The website must have at least 500 visitors per day Device ID. If no user ID and no Google Signals are available, GA4 will use the device ID. For websites, this is the client ID in the cookie.

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For apps, the app instance ID is used to identify French Email List users. Small note this default setting can be overridden under the property settings, via the ‘Reporting Identity’ button. In the ‘Identity for reporting’ screen you can set how you want to identify users for your website. Within your Google Analytics 4 property. In my article about Google Analytics 4 from 2020, I French Email List still advised to disable Google Signals. The new advice is to enable this feature correctly. Important : the use of Google Signals requires permission from your visitors under the GDPR.

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