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You learn the most from making mistakes. I remember UAE Phone Number List doing an internship at de Volkskrant and receiving a text back from the editor-in-chief. There were red pencil marks everywhere. “Interview this musician again”, was the message. ouch. Still, the feedback stayed with me. Don’t use empty words. Make a comment specific. Ask on. I still think about UAE Phone Number List those lessons regularly. And the second version I wrote? That one was a lot better. 7. Set aside your stubbornness “I don’t think this is a good sentence,

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I don’t understand what it says here.” Huh, but that makes UAE Phone Number List sense, right? Everyone understands that, right? Apparently not. If a client or editor-in-chief doesn’t understand what I’m saying, chances are readers won’t either. No matter how well I understand myself. So I really have to phrase it differently. Feedback helps me to look critically at my UAE Phone Number List own work. And to make choices. Sometimes I stare blindly at my text and don’t see it for a while. A fresh look helps enormously.

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Put yourself in the feedback giver Every comment comes UAE Phone Number List from somewhere. What is someone concerned about? The opinion of others? Put yourself in the shoes of your interview candidate or client. They may view the text from a different context than you as a writer. This realization makes it easier to accept feedback . For example, I once experienced that an UAE Phone Number List interviewee completely panicked after reading my piece. And definitely didn’t want the piece to be published like that. In such a case it is always smart to call.

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