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I’ll be quiet while you’re at work, but answer questions New Zealand Phone Number List via chat.’ Also read: Online chat: 8 insights for non-profit and e-health communities. After each assignment you highlight one participant on the hot seat and everyone gives feedback, not just you. Do not discuss everyone’s assignment in New Zealand Phone Number List the group. That takes too much time and is a risk of dropping out. You handle the rest of the assignments in the chat room, by email or in a Facebook group. Keep the energy level high.

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Stand up , give structure, avoid long discussions and New Zealand Phone Number List assignments and talks. I think energizers are very stupid, but digital energizers. I can imagine something with that. Have fun. really. Kim digital training General tips when giving an online training Finally, a few extra practical tips that I couldn’t put anywhere else. For your online training you want a video meeting tool New Zealand Phone Number List where everyone can participate with at least video, audio, chat and screen sharing. At Frankwatching we use Whereby.

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I use Zoom for my own Kimpact training New Zealand Phone Number List sessions. There are many articles about tools. Make sure you have a very good stable internet connection. Use a good webcam, good lighting, and good audio. Expert Pelpina Trip can tell you more about that. Do you work with post-its during your New Zealand Phone Number List assignments? Try Note.ly.  Online training is not cheaper. The result is the same and participants save on travel time and costs. My advice: try-out: half price, if successful: normal price.

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