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How is that possible? And is that desirable? Sigh we’ll Uzbekistan Email List leave that in the middle. When is a comma? Whether you’re an avid user of the comma or not, sometimes it’s helpful to put a comma. When we google ‘comma’ we read on Wikipedia that a comma mainly serves to give a sentence structure and to give it an Uzbekistan Email List resting point. If you value this, then by all means use it. And if you, as a writer, want your book to sell well, you simply have to give this phenomenon the necessary attention.

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Or you let someone else do it for you. That is also Uzbekistan Email List possible! But adding commas – and therefore structure – simply makes your text easier to read. When no comma Some writers abhor the comma. I get that too. The more punctuation marks, the more restless the text becomes. Especially if your text contains Uzbekistan Email List a lot of quotes and therefore quotes. If an excess of commas is also placed, it will not make you happy and it will become a cluttered whole.

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It may also happen that a reader does not find Uzbekistan Email List that resting point in the sentence – which I spoke about above – necessary at all. And that people think it’s great not to be hindered by all kinds of disturbing punctuation marks. Well, everyone has their preference. Some examples Below I give a few example Uzbekistan Email List sentences in which one or more commas should not be missing, because otherwise the sentence will not improve.

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