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Through with the pandemic, online purchases have skyrocketed. Paypal , one of the main platforms for online payment methods, has declared that the year 2020 has experienced the greatest growth in its history. In Spain, the use of this type of platform is the favorite payment method, even ahead of card payments, and the use of mobile devices to make purchases continues to increase (it has been doing so since 2014) (source: Statista ). If we take into account all these data, it is clear that ecommerce is at its best.

The possibility of buying from home, avoiding crowds or being able to buy at any time of the day are the main reasons that have led users to launch online shopping. Buyers are connected. But…what about business? From the outset, whoever is not, is late. Even so, for those who have Saudi arabia phone number set up their first ecommerce, here are some tips to give the business some life. Ecommerce: Capture of traffic, funnels and metrics Photo by Mark Köning on Unsplash You need to capture traffic. Collection models can be: Non-paid: SEO, Social Media, Referral, email database,…

 Business And Start Receiving Traffic To Your Website Saudi Arabia Phone Number

You need to qualify this traffic based on how close or far the user is from making a conversion (purchase) in your store . Conversion funnels are used to perform this qualification. Funnel or conversion funnel. The funnel or conversion funnel determines the steps that a user who arrives at our website has to take to achieve the objective that we have set for ourselves (in this case a sale) For example: Action: Campaign in Adwords. Reaction: Visits to the web. Conversion / Objective: Sale. If we imagine a funnel for this process, the Adwords campaign would be the highest part of the funnel, the acquisition part, where we seek to attract as many users as possible to our website.

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The visit to the website would correspond to the next phase of the funnel. Therefore, Activation or retention, and what we must try. Therefore, Here is to arouse the user’s interest in the content of our website and spend as much time as possible on it. Finally, the last phase of our funnel and our main objective, the sale or conversion, where the user stops being a visitor to our website and becomes a customer. *Note: The conversion funnel can be detailed as much as we want and, for example,

Classify Our Website Visitors Based Saudi Arabia Phone Number

On those visits that browse more than one page, those that visit product pages, those that reach checkout,… before making the purchase. In digital everything and everything is conversion funnels. Conversion rate. Therefore, The conversion rate is the number of conversions or sales that we achieve divided by the number of visitors that we have had on our website. Therefore, The conversion rate varies depending on the device used to make the purchase, with the typical conversion rate for purchases made through a computer being between 1% and 2% and the typical conversion rate for purchases made through devices. mobile phones of 0.3% and 1%. Main problems. with the brand. .

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