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How do you avoid messing up a text with (foreign) language Cameroon Email List errors? Can you use difficult words, or are you aiming for B1 level? And what do you take into account when distributing your content? We list the top 10 articles on content and language of 2021. 10. Everything you need to know about content marketing in 2021 [5 trends] The importance of empathy and emotion in Cameroon Email List communication with your target group, the developments around AI-driven content, flexible schedule.

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You can read that and more in the trend overview for content Cameroon Email List marketing in 2021. What was the focus of your organization on the past year? And what is still relevant for 2022? By the way, here you will also find a preview of content marketing in 2022 . Image at content marketing trends 2021 9. Why do you look stupid when you use difficult words? Chances are that you have also put a difficult word in a text or presentation to appear smarter. But is it a smart strategy to use difficult words?

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And does that also make you smarter? Scientists Cameroon Email List say “no”. It works just the other way around! Esmeralda Kleinreesink explains how that works in her article. An ass that look at difficult words. 8. Catchy title? Use These 200 Powerful Words You can write another amazing article, but if the title doesn’t appeal, your potential readers will drop out prematurely. How Cameroon Email List do you fish them in? By playing on emotion. And power words are the ultimate emotional trigger. Take inspiration from this list of 200 powerful words

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