Dropshipping with Aliexpress Products

ow to sell Ali Express products in your online dropshipping store: Oberlo makes it easy for you Imagine that you decide to start with an online store. What are the next steps to follow? Most entrepreneurs usually have a product idea, look for suppliers, buy the products and place them in their warehouse. Then, once they receive the merchandise, they put in a lot of SEO and SEM efforts to be able to sell it. The problem is that, working in this way, you will never know for sure what products will be sold. Or if nothing will be sold. There is therefore a high level of risk associated with this traditional business model.

You will understand it better with an example: Elena buys 100 units of a product and pays her supplier 1,000 euros for them. Her intention is to sell each unit at 20 euros. It sells worse than she thought and only places 10 units, which generate 200 euros Thailand whatsapp number list in sales. Elena quickly realizes that no one likes her products and decides to close her store. You experience a loss of more than 800 euros. In the scenario described above, Elena has invested 1,000 euros to open her shop, but soon realized that her business idea is not in great demand. The problem is that he has only generated 200 euros in sales, which has led him to close his shop with a loss of 800 euros.

Become Your Own Boss

Launch your online dropshipping store and find products to sell in just a few clicks. I’M STARTING TO DROPSHIP Alternatively, if she had chosen a business model based. On dropshipping with AliExpress—fulfilling her orders, for example, with Oberl. She would have generated €100 in profit, despite her mistake of not choosing the right products from the start. Beginning. Next you will better understand that hypothetical scenario. Elena dropsships with AliExpress, so she doesn’t buy products in advance. However, she can set up an online store and offer AliExpress items that she can locate directly in Oberlo. Things do not go as she expected and she only manages to sell 10 products, worth 200 euros in sales.

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Once she charges her clients, Elena processes the closed orders through AliExpress, which will also be the company responsible for sending the products directly to her clients. After paying $100 to AliExpress, she quickly realizes that people don’t like those products and decides to try a different dropshipping niche , or another product. Elena is happy because she has only generated 100 euros of profit by selling Aliexpress products, but without significant losses. This shows that two very similar situations can produce completely different results, due to one key differentiating factor: AliExpress dropshipping. Of course, if everything had gone smoothly, she would have generated €1,000 in profit in the first scenario.

But Let’s Not Forget That People

often overestimate their ability to build a successful online store, especially if it’s their first time. If you are one of those who prefer numbers and statistics. Know that more than 50% of Shopify store owners never receive even a single physical order. This, therefore, is the competitive advantage of dropshipping with AliExpress: you do not need to buy a product before selling it , so you do not have to spend your precious budget on space-consuming inventory. Thanks to this, instead of losing 800 euros (in the case of the first scenario proposed). Elena will earn 100 euros before realizing that she is operating in a niche that is not very profitable or not at all profitable.

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