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Dealing with media has also changed. CISION surveyed Antigua and Barbuda Email List more than 2,700 journalists in 15 countries and made some interesting discoveries. In this article I have summarized the results, so that you can successfully pitch a story post-corona. Less confidence Trust in the media has declined in recent years. Where in 2017 91 percent of people had Antigua and Barbuda Email List complete trust in the media, in 2020 this is only 59 percent. Interestingly enough, this decrease cannot be attribut to the pandemic.

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What Makes a Corporate Story Good?

From 2017 to 2018, confidence fell by 20 Antigua and Barbuda Email List percent. While from 2019 to 2020, trust in media fell by only 4 percent. CISION even states that the pandemic has had a positive effect on trust in the media, but this is especially true for larger news organizations. Prejudice is human. Since journalists are people, media are also bias. Nearly every journalist Antigua and Barbuda Email List acknowledged that prejudice exists in newsrooms and that it does not disappear as long as media is run by people.

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It would be up to the public to filter what biases Antigua and Barbuda Email List the editors have. Journalistic work through algorithms Various technological developments would influence the media. AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning are seen as a threat by few journalists. They believe that technology and people go hand in hand and cannot function without Antigua and Barbuda Email List each other. Perhaps they underestimate the impact of AI on journalism. After all, the first journalistic articles created by an algorithm are already a fact.

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