Domestika Teachers: Pepe Gimeno

We talked to pepe gimeno about the importance of daring and keeping. All kinds of knowledge inside the creators backpack he has been able to combine his artistic work with his role. As a graphic designer for more than 40 years and still has a tireless vitality to continue creating and learning new things. He assures that if he does something for a long time he ends up getting bored so he cant stop trying, challenging himself and experimenting. Maintain balance by working for others and. For yourself how does one manage to “stay fit” in design testing, discovering and setting new challenges.


Gimeno 8 Restyling Brand Turisme Comunitat Valenciana.

Pepe gimeno spoke to us about the importance of getting bored jewelry retouch service of what one does to change , to take advantage of it as an opportunity for innovation. In his years of experience he has worked for major brands such as roca and has carried out many projects for his city, valencia. All of them have stood out for their ability to adapt and their versatility. That is one of the reasons why the designer speaks of graphics as that art that seeks to solve the problems faced by the client or the brand.

Domestika teachers pepe gimeno 4 graphic identity roca 100 years roca sanitario. 2017 in order for a designer to have multiple tools within his reach to achieve those objectives and challenges posed by graphic. Design, it is important that he has a backpack full of knowledge , so that he can put it into practice in each of his assignments.

jewelry retouch service

Without that illusion and that desire,

This backpack can only be achieved in one way BQB Directory working for oneself and not just for others. It is the side of pepe gimeno that is dedicated to visual arts, his most personal work and. That has inspired him so much over the years. A flow of creation that feeds on itself, he confesses, without ever stopping. Domestika teachers pepe gimeno 6 banners. 2014 the designer, a god with thousands of arms pepe recognized that it is very difficult to define a good graphic designer, but if he had to. Imagine him in any way, he was like a god with thousands of arms.

He assured that a designer must know everything, he does not have. To be an expert in all areas but he has to have some control of several. That is, he has to be empathetic to understand the clients needs but also practical. And functional him and at the same time he cannot forget to be a good. Manager, it is impossible not to think about the economic part. In short, a designer can be a thousand people at the same time, but without forgetting. That they all have to have a passion for their work in common.

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