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The policy circle offers guidance Now, of course. It’s not Comoros Email List convenient if you first have to call all readers with every report. Advice or memo you write to ask what information they want. You can accurately predict that yourself. How? By looking at the policy circle. Your report, advice or memo always fits in with a certain point on the policy circle. And with that you know Comoros Email List what questions you can expect from the reader. I give 3 examples: a discussion memo, an advice and a progress report.

Comoros Email List

Reader questions on a discussion memo You’ve gathered a Comoros Email List lot of information on a particular topic. But haven’t come to a conclusion about what the best sequel is. You would like to discuss this in a meeting or workshop, based on a discussion memo. Questions to which the reader expects an answer are: What’s the problem? What is possible solution 1? What are the advantages? What Comoros Email List are the disadvantages? What is possible solution 2? What are the advantages?

What are the disadvantages? Example: a new CRM system Comoros Email List Suppose, as an organization. We are face with the purchase of a new CRM system. This goes to the heart of our entire business operations. As a director with marketing in my portfolio, I naturally want to know all about this. That is why I am present at the discussions with the various suppliers. And I ask a colleague to make a discussion memo in whic. The advantages and disadvantages of the different systems are list point by point.

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