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Of course, visual imagery also helps to sell Norfolk Island business email list products. Do you sell the most hyper-deluxe Tesla or Mercedes? Then let your reader actually take a seat behind the wheel and give him the feeling of a ride in the car. Tell how the reader experiences a sense of unity behind the wheel and as if the last piece of the life puzzle is finally falling into place. How the accelerator Norfolk Island business email list feels like walking barefoot through freshly cut grass. As if… Process visually (sight) in your text.

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Gustafori (taste) Do you want to please someone Norfolk Island business email list with your text? Then use gustaphoric language to get those salivary glands of your reader to work. The water will soon pour out of your reader’s mouth. Gustafarian language works best Norfolk Island business email list when you’re selling food or drink. Logical too. You sit there with an empty stomach, while you read something about the latest burger from your favorite place.

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On top of the burger are fresh green lettuce leaves Norfolk Island business email list from our own garden that serve as a bed for two crispy pieces of bacon. Small streams of fat drip slowly onto your tongue as you hold the burger at the right angle in front of your mouth. They melt gently. You haven’t taken a bite yet, but the craving is rising. Or imagine a thirsty person eager to taste Norfolk Island business email list your new ice-cold and vitamin-rich drink. Outline specific situations where it is best for someone to drink your drink. Are you specifically going for that thirsty exerciser coming back from a sweaty run?


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