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The advertising actions and strategies that are carried out on all Internet channels. Within these channels, a very important tool is social networks, through which products and services can be advertised and offered. Among the most popular social networks in the world (and also for this reason, the most used in the field of marketing) are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. In this post, we will focus on the usefulness of Twitter, and specifically, we will see what it is and how Twitter Ads works. Go for it! What is Twitter Ads? Well, it is the platform that

Twitter offers to advertise on this social network. And that by both companies and private professionals to promote their products, services and content. Twitter Ads ads are very similar to a normal tweet, differing in appearance because they are accompanied by a symbol indicating Azerbaijan phone numbers the publication is advertising (and not organic, as a tweet from a regular user would be). The tweet ad, , commented on or as “Like”. Like any other tweet, but as it is content for which a user is paying,

It Has A Very High Reach And Azerbaijan Phone Numbers Capacity

Much greater than conventional tweets. How to launch a campaign using Twitter Ads First of all, we must access our Twitter account (or create a profile for our business, if we do not have it), and access Twitter Ads in the general menu. From here, the platform itself guides us through all the necessary steps to create an ad and publish it: Step 1: Decide the objective of our campaign Twitter Ads offers three different objectives, which we must choose carefully depending on what we want to achieve with the campaign.

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Specifically, we choose that the objective is: Recognition (Branding or Awareness): it is in product or brand launch campaigns (branding), since it is of interest to reach as many users as possible who are related to your target audience, so this option offers Reach, to our post. This scope can be Maximum (if we are looking for the largest possible number of impressions of the ad), or With Interaction (if what we are looking for is to show the ad to users who are more likely to interact with it).

Consideration Performance Or Interaction Azerbaijan Phone Numbers

Interaction or any user action to the ad. Such as video views (CP V), app downloads (CPA). Web traffic (CPC), interactions (CPI), or even campaigns to attract followers to create our community (CPM, CPA). Conversion (Reinteraction): the objective is for the user to interact with a specific app, such as our sales platform. If what we want is to get more clicks on our website, getting conversion in our e-commerce sales campaign,

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