Did you know that retaining current customers is more

Did you know that retaining current customers is more expensive than acquiring new customers? If your customer has a pleasant experience when using your product or service, then he or she is likely to come back to buy and use the product or service in the future. So what do you know about brand loyalty?

The Growing Importance of Brand Loyalty in Modern Marketing | Socialbakers

What is Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty is one of the high achievements in a brand or company in retaining customers. Another term is repeat purchases by consumers over time or can be called repeat purchases.

Why did that happen? Yes, because in the relationship between the brand and consumers there has been a sense of trust that exists between the two parties. Consumers believe that the brand they use is a brand that suits them. So that consumers loyally make repeat purchases for the same brand.

Then How to Build Brand Loyalty?
To build a brand loyalty in a company, there are several branding stages that you can do. The first thing you have to do is promote, introduce your brand and build consumer Payroll Directors Email Lists trust. After you gain consumer trust, here’s how to increase brand loyalty of a brand:

1. Differentiating Brands from Competitors


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You have to be able to explain what you are selling? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the same product and service offering similar products? And you must be able to make people interested in your product and highlight its uniqueness in the eyes of consumers.

2. Increase Brand Engagement
The main goal of brand loyalty is to keep existing customers loyal and return to buy similar products and services. However, to get it, of course, you must have a customer first.

Well, the way is to increase brand engagement. By always providing product updates or promotions on a regular basis so that customers still want to use their products.

3. Maintaining a Brand’s Consistency Level
A brand must have consistency in maintaining the quality of its products and services. Because if you are not consistent, then there is a possibility that consumers will switch to competitors or other brands.

4. Understanding Consumer Needs
To create consumer brand loyalty, it is necessary to understand the needs that consumers want.

Therefore, companies can conduct surveys or market research about what is needed or currently trending among the public.

5. Providing Rewards for Loyal Consumers
One way that you can do to attract consumers to stay loyal to your brand is by giving a reward or gift. You can also give rewards in the form of discounts and promotions. The goal is for consumers to feel at home in your product.

6. Build good communication with consumers

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