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What to say about SEO that is not known? The most important technique to attract organic traffic through a search engine. If digital marketing in Graphic Design general advances at a dizzying pace and professionals in this sector cannot be left behind, SEO is even faster. We have Graphic Design reached a point where if there is a search engine there is also an SEO behind it. We can do SEO on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook. And each search engine works with a different algorithm. SEO is one of the Inbound. A video must end with the crossing of arms and . The next with the opposite movement so that it can serve as a transition.

Marketing skills Graphic Design par Excellence and Being a Task

That provides incredible long-term results. It has to be continuously worked on and it is always a good idea to learn this skill. For these reasons SEO is Graphic Design one of the marketing skills most demanded in 2022. Marketing Analytics Do I use . Inbound Marketing more or Graphic Design do I push  my audience with Outbound actions? It is a mistake to execute Digital Marketing actions without doing Marketing Analytics, it is basically like shooting blind.  The creation of campaigns must be accompanied by a pre and post analysis of the actions that we are going to carry out.

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Marketing Analytics is Graphic Design Results Management with

The aim of looking for a leak or point to attack and thus optimize our subsequent Graphic Design t actions. Such as Key Performance Indicators (KPI) or Key Performance  Indicators. Such as the number of leads generated or ROI. This necessary data and make our lives easier, among these platforms are Google Analytics (a must), Youtube Analytics. Facebook Insights and a very long etcetera. even platforms that unify these same commented tools! A basic learning of these skills and tools is simple and as I have mentioned before.  Development Ideas Every Stage.


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