Determine Your Message

To determine a good text structure, I always ask myself these Yahoo Email Address List questions before writing: What do I want to say? In this case, I would like to present a number of fringe benefits that allow employers to make a difference for their people. To whom do I want to tell this? My text is intended for employers and HR specialists. Why do I want to tell this? I would like to emphasize these terms and conditions of employment, because they contribute to Yahoo Email Address List sustainable employability of employees. And that is important in this tight labor market, in which employers and entrepreneurs have to distinguish themselves.

Goal and Target Group

Once I’ve done my research, it’s time to structure the Yahoo Email Address List mountain of information. The following elements are, in my view, crucial.Sure: your article starts with a headline or title. But I usually write the headline last. Until then, I’ll use a working title. Why? Only when the entire text is on paper, I can best judge what the real core of the story is. Often a sentence or quote jumps out that I can use as a headline. In this case, I take great care Yahoo Email Address List that the headline gives readers an idea of ​​what to expect.


I also want to encourage my readers to keep Yahoo Email Address List reading. That is why I emphasize what it benefits the reader to read my article from A to Z. A logical structure is crucial to get your message across clearly. Is the common thread missing in a text? Then you will probably give up quickly. However, creating that structure is a challenge for many people. That’s why I take you through the writing process of an informative article Yahoo Email Address List about fringe benefits, which I wrote for an online platform for entrepreneurs.

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