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Very positive and also critical people. By being Scotland Email List outspoken about something, and sometimes that is outspokenly critical, you attract people who also feel that way. And that creates a bond. That’s what makes that click. How do I know all this so well? Well, my LinkedIn posts that get the most responses are the ones where I’m frantic about Scotland Email List something. People apparently recognize themselves in the ‘ things I love to hate’ . For example, you know those updates on LinkedIn where people end up with a question? I often don’t believe that at all and many LinkedIn users recognize that.

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I posted about it and the likes poured in. My Scotland Email List update a few weeks ago where I shared my aversion to some inspirational quotes was widely acclaimed. Is this a call for negativity? Nope. This is a call for authenticity and credibility. No one is always happy and positive. And life is just too much hassle, people are – sometimes as a phase – quite fake and Scotland Email List you can always share your own truth. On the train on your way home, walking through the forest or on your balcony in the spring sun.

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You can listen to podcasts all day long. This accessible Scotland Email List medium is increasingly emerging. And the offer is diverse, very diverse. Name a topic and you’ll find a podcast about it. But a podcast can also be interesting and useful for your organization or brand. Have you ever considered starting a podcast? Then view this handy reference Scotland Email List book. Why start a podcast? Podcasts can be a useful addition to your content and marketing strategy. It is an accessible way to reach your target group and literally

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