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The starting point. Who do you want to reach or who ‘must’ learn Forex Email List something? Do you transfer knowledge from your organization to the consumer (B2C)? Do you want to teach business relations or professionals outside your company (B2B)? Do you want to reach learners within governments, non-profit institutions and education? Is Your Entire it about learning and developing employees within an organization (L&D)? From one of these starting points, you dive one level deeper. Who is the intended end user? Let’s take Learning & Development Forex Email List (L&D) as an example: a 16-year-old supermarket employee who ‘fills boxes’ as a side job has different learning objectives than the store manager with 20 years of experience. I want to make money

The Form of Microlearning

Advice: develop different learning content for Forex Email List different end users. For example, you can distinguish: Stakeholders (such as board and board members) managers Employees. Roles and levels) New employees (onboarding) Flex workers such as freelancers. Volunteers You then delve into the knowledge level. Background, (working) conditions of each end user. Do not forget to check what is already  offere, internally within Forex Email List your organization and externally. Don’t invent the wheel.

With Support at Work

If there is already a good tutorial on YouTube, Forex Email List use it.  Check out these 6 handy tools Now let’s look at 7 ways you could use microlearning. Use microlearning in preparation for an event. As with onboarding new employees, introduce them to procedures, house rules or the mission of the organization. Even if you want to introduce new processes or a change to colleagues or relations. You can already share short learning snacks with them. Or prepare students, customers or participants for what is to Forex Email List come. Introduce them to some of the content. This way you involve them and you immediately make them enthusiastic. See a preview for a microlearning training here. Students receive this ‘definition of microlearning’

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