The New Data Model

Letters that have earned billions. This model consists Sierra Leone Email List of 3 parts: problem State the problem your target audience is facing. Literally. This way you ensure that the target group recognizes themselves in your text, feels addressed and that you know exactly where their pain is. Also use the word ‘you’ quite often here, the most powerful word to Sierra Leone Email List use. agitate ‘Agitate’ is to agitate: to make something worse. So you make your customer’s pain worse. Important: don’t overdo it.

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Measurement Plan

Besides being manipulative, you can also Sierra Leone Email List overshoot your target by making the pain over the top. Don’t turn a bruised toe into a broken leg. solve ‘Solve’ is the piece of text in which you take away the pain by offering your solution. This is your product or service. Be really 100% aware of the pain your product or service solves. This ensures that Sierra Leone Email List problem and solution are a good match. An example of PAS You have your hands in your hair. Your website will go live soon, but you’re still speechless.

Take a Structured Approach

You haven’t written a word yet. You can’t, you Sierra Leone Email List can’t or you don’t want to. “Now what?” you ask yourself. Time is ticking. The deadline is approaching. You have to put something on paper. ‘Better something than nothing’, you think. Ultimately, your website will go live with the half-baked texts you typed. What you already thought Sierra Leone Email List comes true: your website cost a lot of money, but does not yield anything. You are making a false start with your business. Also read: Converting copywriting:

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