Data Driven Marketing

Purely neighing and thinking. In the Belize WhatsApp Number List video, ADOBE, a seller of paper encyclopedias, with a dying business, sees an unexpected increase in orders for his previously useless products. A crazy publisher orders thousands of books. Trees are being felled, paper is being produced, printing presses are working. Stocks are rising, the stock exchange is in a fever. If you suddenly don’t know, then I am an Belize WhatsApp Number List ideological convinced hater of a fake call “predictive analytics”.  I consider “BIG DATA for marketing” the greatest fraud of the 21st century, following after the “Antarctic ozone holes” of the 20th century. And, judging by the video, it seems that ADOBE shares this conviction and what is written at the link .

Breaking the laws of marketing

“Data” is not the same as Belize WhatsApp Number List “knowledge”. Data is like sand, and only the knowledge of “how to do it” allows you to extract gold from it. Therefore, friends, less data and more knowledge. Business starts with an idea. If they tried to start it with “data”, then the statistics will say.  The market is busy, and the needs are satisfie by the offers of competitors, and nothing shines on this market. “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” someone once said, acknowledging the opportunities that can arise in difficult times. The “data” obtained during the crisis are unambiguous – the prospects are unclear, and reality requires “anti-crisis measures” of savings and Belize WhatsApp Number List optimization. Procter & Gamble after the US Great Depression, while others “had the data” and cut marketing and advertising spending, did the opposite. Well, where are these “data owners” and “predicatively thinking” idiots now, and where is Proctor now!

What then does Data Marketing he do?

The narrower the shelf of competitors with the product range, the less sales from competitors. And why Belize WhatsApp Number List  is it bad for the consumer? There is no real product subgroup, no competitors, no real choice of different (I emphasize!) varieties of cucumbers, different brands, different farms and different growing conditions. What’s wrong with a retailer? Yes, all the same. It is unlikely that sales from the shelf are increasing, because some special cucumbers for “azu in Tatar” are, if not fake, then this is a very specific product. So, occupying the shelves with dumb, the retailer’s assortment is reduce. The consumer simply does not see the usual brands. Well, or if only for a decent Belize WhatsApp Number List  rollback. If you noticed, then retailers stopped displaying brands. All products of one brand in a row on one shelf. Now the grocery display and nonsense can scattere across different product groups and shelves.


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