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Making videos without a clear goal is a Zimbabwe Email List waste of your time and money. You don’t have time. Also in video marketing, haste is rarely good. Are you short on time? Then don’t do it, or outsource the work. You expect immediate results. Videos rarely go viral instantly. A good video marketing strategy Zimbabwe Email List requires consistency, dedication and patience. You are too ambitious. Start small and find out if video marketing works for your business and industry.

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With small steps you will achieve faster results Zimbabwe Email List and last longer. Start video marketing in 3 steps Are you as enthusiastic about video marketing as we are? Then get start with these 3 steps and let video work for you. 1. Come up with a plan You can make video marketing as complicated as you want. With a phone and external microphone you can already record beautiful videos. Determine a plan in advance, Zimbabwe Email List for example with these questions: Who are you? What do you stand for?

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Questions from starting writers, but also Zimbabwe Email List from seasoned text professionals. Last year, two members suggested that we do some research into those rates. We immediately decided to repeat this survey every year. This allows us to keep a finger on Zimbabwe Email List the pulse with this Tekstnet Tariff Monitor and to monitor developments. This is useful for copywriters and clients. The results of 2020 have already provided six insights.

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