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By other consumers Most users read reviews made by other consumers before buying a product. This is quite an important factor in terms of customer expectations as if potential customers are met with predominantly positive reviews, their expectations of the product will be quite high. And that will have consequences on customer satisfaction. 3. Product price For many people, the price of the product is the deciding factor in making the purchase. When it comes to the level of customer satisfaction, it is important that you keep in mind the following principle: the higher the price, the higher the expectations that the user will have regarding the product.

For this reason, it is very important to know how to calculate the price of the product properly, taking into account the quality of the product you are offering and the price that similar products may have on the market. 4. Promises made regarding the Slovenia whatsapp number list product with a direct effect on customer satisfaction The promises you make to the customer regarding your products have a great impact on the expectations with which the customer comes to buy from your store. If your promises are high, customer expectations will be too. For this reason it is very important that you carefully analyze the type of promises that you are incorporating into your marketing strategies because if you promise more than you can give, customers will feel that your products do not meet their expectations and this will have a very negative effect.

In the Level of Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction indicator Considering the above, expectations work. A certain way as indicators of customer satisfaction since when people reach such expectations. Their level of satisfaction is proportionally high. Now that we know what customer satisfaction is and what are the factors that have the most weight with respect to people’s expectations. It is time to look at some of the reasons why it is important to focus on customer satisfaction. Importance of customer satisfaction To understand the importance of customer satisfaction. It is necessary to talk about the benefits that can be perceived when a company is able to meet and exceed the expectations of its users. Let’s look at four of them. Increase customer retention. It’s widely proven that satisfied customers are willing to keep buying more items from a store that makes them happy.

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For this reason, having a good base of satisfied customers guarantees constant capital inflows to your business. In addition to the above, customer satisfaction allows you to improve your customer loyalty processes, which incidentally is a good way to optimize costs since retaining customers is much cheaper and more effective than having to constantly get new customers. 2. Improve your brand strategy When the level of customer satisfaction with your products is high. Your brand is proportionally revalue. Because of this, customer satisfaction is one of the variables that can help you the most when you are building or refreshing your store ‘s brand strategy .

as a Consequence of the Above

The perception of your business in the market will also be high. Which will help you further strengthen your corporate image . 3. Optimize the promotion of your business Your satisfied customers will greatly help you promote your products and your store. In other words, people who have a high of satisfaction with your will for a minute to speak highly. Your store by sharing their opinion and enthusiasm with family and friends through social. Networks or simply by spreading the word. . Satisfied customers represent an ideal organic tool to promote. An online business that will also help you optimize your marketing efforts. The capital you invest in promoting your business.

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