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Storytelling gold mine for brands and companies. Thanks to Pakistan Business Email List social media, the strongly human character of small personal experiences and events is one of the strongest connecting and most contagious forms of communication. Social media is made for anecdotal storytelling – and vice versa. People never get enough of (the lives of) other people. The hunger for Pakistan Business Email List what others find, do and leave in their lives seems inexhaustible; If there’s one thing that has led to the influencer phenomenon , it’s that.

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In itself, there is nothing more boring than everyday Pakistan Business Email List life. So why would you want to portray that as a brand or company? Because with a personal story of your customers, employees, founders you suddenly give a face to your brand and company. For example, Landrover found people high in the Himalayas who liked to tell you that new gadgets are less important Pakistan Business Email List than great reliability. Anecdotes provide insight into the bigger story Of course we are familiar with the testimonial : a satisfied user tells why you should mainly use product.

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A or why company B is an ideal Pakistan Business Email List choice. That sounds like an anecdotal story, but it isn’t. An anecdote is a memory, experience or event that you can use to provide insight into, for example, company culture, the conviction behind a product or the motivation of a brand. As here for cosmetics brand Burt’s Bees, of which Burt himself is a Pakistan Business Email List living anecdote. Its strength lies in its authenticity. That what is being told is true and is typical of the experience with the brand, product or company.

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