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Cleverly designed meditation game Playne , in which you Nicaragua Email List create your world with your thoughts. The game of our lives is call ‘the metaverse. One development that will certainly give gamification a huge boost is the ‘meta-universe’ or ‘ the metaverse ‘. Perhaps you could even argue that the metaverse is literally the game of our lives. It is in any Nicaragua Email List case a digital version of reality, virtual internet. It is an infinite universe of interconnected virtual spaces in which you, as an avatar of yourself, meet up with.

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Friends, meet with colleagues and buy shoes at your Nicaragua Email List favorite store and of course play games. To participate in the metaverse you need VR or AR glasses. But in Silicon Valley, digital contact lenses or even brain implants are already being consider. Which should enable us to access the metaverse in the future. In the video below you can see an example Nicaragua Email List of a meeting that could probably be held in Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms in the future. 4. Game-based training and onboarding.

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Due to the COVID pandemic, a growing number Nicaragua Email List of companies have started motivating, training and onboarding their employees online, with an important role for gamification. Because how do you motivate (new) employees or entire teams, remotely? The use of game components offers a proven solution here. It helps employees to learn new Nicaragua Email List skills faster. Or to practice with business processes and ways of working. Teams can train together remotely and improve themselves

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