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Professional information with a relevant, specific Rwanda Email List target group. LinkedIn currently mainly uses static images, so you will stand out well with video content. A great opportunity to distinguish yourself. LinkedIn Feed With a video on LinkedIn you quickly stand out, but here too you have to stop the scrolling thumb. This on-the-go channel Rwanda Email List therefore requires a short video in which you quickly make your point. Based on your video, your viewer decides whether or not to click through to your article or website.

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Trigger, preferably within 5 seconds. A video on your Rwanda Email List LinkedIn timeline is ideally suited to draw attention to the in-depth content you wish to convey in a blog, article or whatever. LinkedIn video from Apple. A LinkedIn video from Apple . LinkedIn Stories Since May 2020 it is also possible to post stories on LinkedIn, similar to Instagram Rwanda Email List Stories and Facebook Stories. So lean forward. Basically the same rules apply here, namely full screen in 9:16 and your key message within 5 seconds.

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Where it differs from the rest is of course the B2B Rwanda Email List nature of the platform, so keep that in mind when posting your video content. In addition, every business page has the option to add a link to the story, a direct option to link to your website. Snapchat Snapchat is the channel where you can reach a young target group between 15-19 years with Rwanda Email List nice short video content, both organic and paid. In short videos, up to 15 seconds, you can grab the attention and hopefully hold it.

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