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Asian size conversion tables for your online store 2022 Over time. We’ve found that the best tactic for letting your customers know. What size product to buy is for you to include a size guide for each product listing in your store. In this way, your customers will be able to convert the Asian sizes to the size of their convenience. Without confusion and with precision. Therefore, when you have obtained the measurements. You need for the size conversion, it is your responsibility to ensure that your customers can easily find this information together. The product description of each garment and thus request the items products in the size adequate.

Why use a size converter to convert Asian and American sizes? If there is something that drives us crazy when we want to buy clothes, either to wear it ourselves or to market it, it is the difficulty in matching sizes. As you may have seen, the sizes differ depending on the country Italy whatsapp number list of origin of the garment. You can use size 46 in the USA or the M of a garment made in China and, on the other hand, that same M of a garment made in Spain will not fit you the same because its size will be different. This issue becomes even more complex if we look at the footwear, underwear or lingerie market where, for example, to cut cups and bra contours, each region uses different systems.

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over two decades ago, when electronic commerce was still an incipient form of business. The equivalence of sizes was not such a complex issue. Back then, practically everyone could physically go to a store and try on the garment or shoe they were interested in without worrying about what size 2XL is in Spain. However, more and more consumers are choosing to shop online. This is confirmed by the statistics on online purchases in 2021 when more than 1,800 million people around the world bought products through the Internet and it is expected that in 2022 these figures will grow between 30% and 50%.

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It is in these online purchases that the consumer understands the true importance of size conversion in both clothing and footwear. Unfortunately, there is no universal clothing size guide, so using a size converter is essential. Learning to convert sizes with our size chart will save you trouble. Launch the ecommerce you’ve always dreamed of for free DISCOVER MORE For example, Asian clothing is generally smaller than clothing you’ll find in US or European e- retail, so keep this in mind when purchasing your products (it’s reflected in our size converter). You will need to adapt and convert the size of your products to the correct size for your audience, especially if you buy your clothes in Asia.

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Your customers may end up buying products in the wrong size. Situations like this can make it difficult to retain your customers . American and Chinese to Spanish size converter To avoid this confusion, you can use an. American and Asian size converter like the one we present to you. In this way, your customers can easily convert Chinese sizes and order the products in the correct size. Chinese Size Conversion: Size Charts for Clothing, Shoes and Accessories. Chinese sizes differ from other size standards such as American or European. Clothing is often label using numbers that measure the different parts of the body.

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