Connection With Consumers

Growth-driven companies focus on Argentina WhatsApp Number List consumers, investing a lot of effort and money in increasing satisfaction. However, simply thinking about customer satisfaction is not enough. It is necessary to establish an emotional connection with people, since consumers who feel an emotional connection with a person, a brand and a company have a much greater effect on revenue. Video of the Hairward Business Review “How to manage customer emotions?” Economic interconnection – relations whose essence is the commodity-money exchange (economists talk about the exchange of benefits).  and the more significant Emotional Connection  the benefit, the more obvious the relationship. The problem is that such a connection can be very strong,

What is an emotional connection?

But it is always episodic (bought and dumped for the time of consumption), and therefore, it is not strong. The second problem is that, due to competition, the need to get a benefit does not imply the mandatory establishment of a relationship with this particular seller.  Social ties between the seller. Exchange is a form of social connection in which subjects interact  base on their experience, weigh possible profits and costs. The exchange occurs during the purchase and sale, the provision of services to each other, etc.

A person is draw Emotional Connection  to a person, brand,

The difficulty of establishing social interaction between the seller and the buyer is that one way or another, this relationship is due to economic interaction. If, for example, in society it is consider “correct” to have a rest in the summer at sea. Then there are connections between those who are involve in the formation and support of these summer vacation norms. The sell and the consumer is interrupte, no matter how the seller tries to establish social interaction. Psychological connection is a subconscious process (regarding subconscious memories and expectations from another person. which determines

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