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Like a superscript, it is use to denote a wide variety Slovakia B2B Contact List of things. Such as mathematical expressions, formulas, and specifications of chemical compounds and isotopes. Subscript Image source: Wikipedia Subscripts can align with the bottom line, or they can be dropp just below the baseline. Subscripts aligned with the underline are relatively rare; they are only Slovakia B2B Contact List used in the denominators of fractions. title The tittle is a small but important diacritic mark. You will usually find this sign on top of the lowercase.

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This is usually the case in the Dutch language. However, Slovakia B2B Contact List  a title can also be place on other letters in many other languages. Title Image source: Wikipedia In Turkish. Whether or not a tittle is place can distinguish between two very different letters parenthesis. There are numerous types of brackets. Parentheses are commonly use in symmetrical pairs. Parentheses Slovakia B2B Contact List are forward or backward-facing punctuation marks that isolate or copy a piece of text. Symbols: brackets Image source: Wikipedia Chevrons were the first brackets to appear in the Dutch language.

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The Dutch Christian scholar and philosopher Desiderius Slovakia B2B Contact List.  Erasmus Roterodamus invented the round brackets and gave them the name lunula. After the shape of the crescent moon. There are now several types of brackets. Most commonly used are the parentheses. British English: brackets , American English: parentheses Less common in plain text are the square brackets. Square brackets, or bible brackets: (American English: brackets ) In addition, there are Slovakia B2B Contact List angle brackets. Angle brackets, angle brackets: (English: angle brackets, chevrons ) And finally the braces.

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