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In the funnel view of your sales funnel, the dropout per Algeria Phone Number List step is low. Apparently, there is little that can be improved upon. Yet you can receive a lot of valuable feedback from users in a short time to optimize the sales funnel. This often includes feedback Algeria Phone Number List that is also about the process before or after. On the thank you page, ask users this question: How easy did you find it too? How easily do users find it to complete an action?

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With a value between 1 and 5 (not easy to very easy), your Algeria Phone Number List can quickly estimate how users experience your sales funnel. Then ask your users what tips they have for improvement. Collect user feedback An example from practice Travelers who park their Algeria Phone Number List car at Schiphol can reserve a parking space online. The sales funnel conversion rates were high. To continue to optimize the sales funnel, travelers were asked on the thank you page how easy it was for them to reserve a parking space.

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And what turned out? Most of the (negative) feedback was Algeria Phone Number List about price communication. Valuable feedback that could never have been identified from conversion rates alone. Based on this feedback, an A/B test was then set up Algeria Phone Number List for price communication. As a result, in the tested variant, the negative user feedback decreased and the conversion rate remained the same. Also read: Pop-ups and slide-ins on your website: annoying or effective? What do you think of this email?

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