Collect Marketing Data Without Third-party Cookies

Measuring is knowing. And as marketers, we like to make use of that: we Qatar WhatsApp Number List target target groups, we devise catchy campaigns for this, roll them out and evaluate their impact. All based on data. However, that approach is set to change dramatically as browsers stop using third-party cookies by the end of 2023. Fortunately, there are other avenues that lead to your target audiences. It was so beautiful: Google, Apple and Microsoft provided us with accurate visitor data via third-party cookies. Which site and which web pages does someone visit? Those small cookie files store this valuable Qatar WhatsApp Number List surfing behaviour. However, they are going to stop doing that – and we will notice that in marketing land.

That’s How You Do That

Adjusting your marketing strategy requires a flexible Qatar WhatsApp Number List  and creative way of looking at and building target groups. New round, new opportunities!First-party cookies collect data on your own website. With this data you can make your own website smarter or better. This way your site can remember whether they have previously visited your website and, for example, users log in automatically. If an external party places cookies on your website, they are third-party cookies. These cookies collect data on your website, but use it for another website or platform. For example, think of the Qatar WhatsApp Number List Facebook pixel or remarketing pixel on your website and the audiences you target based on browsing behavior.

What about those cookies again

For us marketers, third-party cookies are an absolute godsend. But Qatar WhatsApp Number List media parties may have gone a bit too far in collecting data from users. As a result, there is growing resistance among internet users to the idea that their surfing behavior is being tracked and privacy is increasingly becoming a hot topic. For example, if I express my interest by browsing the website of a non-Profit, I am little aware that Facebook, Google and other advertising networks are also notified of my Qatar WhatsApp Number List visit to this website. Then when I see content based on my surfing behavior, you may ask yourself how morally responsible it is to continue collecting data like this on a large scale.

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