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On mobile, this is effectively a mild cookie wall, because Taiwan Email List the notification takes up almost the entire screen. With Nespresso (image 6) the notification on desktop is even more pleasant because it is at the bottom of the page. This allows you to use the website better without responding to the cookie notification. Again, this only applies to desktop users, Taiwan Email List because on mobile the notification is so large that it takes up almost the entire screen. In this notification too, it is just as easy to accept cookies as.

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It is to refuse them, namely by pressing a button. Screenshot Taiwan Email List of the Nespresso website. Figure 6. Nespresso Cookie Notice, obtained 2/22/2021. Best practice What is a really customer-friendly cookie notification? It can be seen in Figure 7. The buttons for reject and accept cookies here are the same size and clear. So it is just as easy to accept cookies as it is to refuse. The website can be used without responding to the message, because the message is at the bottom of the screen and takes up.

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It is also possible to click away the Taiwan Email List notification. Then only necessary cookies are stored. In this notification it is also possible to further personalize the settings. By clicking on this, a bar will appear at the bottom of the notification Taiwan Email List where you can switch specific cookies on or off. So this is on the same page, with as few extra actions as possible. Feel free to copy this cookie notice on your own website. example of a correct message for accepting cookies. Figure 7.

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