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However, setting these settings in GA4 is very Turkmenistan Email List different. This article will help you with that! If you’re anything to do with online marketing, chances are you’ve heard of the new Google Analytics, GA4. Our entire industry is in turmoil, but it’s starting to look like the bottom stone is slowly starting to emerge! Are you ready for the 7 GA4 settings Turkmenistan Email List you should be using? Then read on. Create events and copy events to GA4 When a user does something, we call it an event. For example, think of a click on a button or filling in a form.

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Only Half of the Work Is Do

You naturally want to measure the events that are Turkmenistan Email List important, so that you can see how effective your campaigns and adjustments are. So make sure you also set this in GA4 for the events that matter to you! Fortunately, you can also copy Universal Analytics events to Google Analytics 4. That way you don’t have to build everything from scratch and the triggers you invested energy can still exist. You just have to change the tag type to GA4 and then enter Turkmenistan Email List with the correct event name there. For tag configuration, choose “Google Analytics: GA4 Event”. Tag Configuration GA4 2. Create target groups.

A Book Is Not a Business Model

Audiences are your best friend as they allow you Turkmenistan Email List to use remarketing campaigns to bring visitors back to your website. If Google Analytics is linked to your website, you can collect the information you need to create audiences. You can build target groups, including combinations, based on basically every event and every characteristic. For Turkmenistan Email List example, think of Apple users from a specific region in the south of France, just to name a few! So make sure to use this by creating and defining target groups based on events or user characteristics.

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