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It takes time to get into the mind UK Phone Number Database List of the customer. Especially if you are going to conduct interviews and work with real customer experiences. But the investment pays for itself doubly. A customer journey map helps you determine the direction and set the course. It’s your content compass. With a customer journey map you map out where the greatest opportunities lie for: Recycle Content When analyzing the customer journey map, the easiest thing to do is first to see which content is currently helping your.

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After all, you already have this UK Phone Number Database List content. Check which existing content supports the customer journey. For example, are customers satisfied with the instructional video on your website? Put it in the UK Phone Number Database List spotlight and make sure the video is easy to find. Even smarter is to recycle existing content into multi-deployable content. Recycling good content is one of the content marketing trends for 2021 . For example, create an animation video based on a frequently read FAQ. Or turn a podcast into.

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Blog post and share the content on UK Phone Number Database List multiple channels. That’s how I work. When I share a podcast, I always provide a text alternative. We’ll create a web page that contains the core of the story and share the full transcript. In this way we also immediately improve the accessibility of our website. Podcast SEO Transcript podcast SEO Optimize content In addition to

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