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And guess what ! You can start with this approach Paraguay B2B List today. In your current position as an editor or content marketer, it helps enormously if you see yourself as a ‘content designer’ instead of a ‘piece-tacker’. This subtly different job title encourages you to take a(r) creative approach to your output. Broaden your view now, so that you can ensure your relevance for later. Editor Paraguay B2B List and robot work together on editorial of 2030 Role 4: the editor-in-chief Where today’s editor-in-chief checks for d’s and t’s and.

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Crooked sentences, the corrector of 2030 will Paraguay B2B List have to pay much more attention to ‘inhumanity’. He will look for illogical word combinations in the pieces that the robots have put together. He passes on the biggest blunders to role number 5. Incidentally, this can be a rotating position between several colleagues, but for the time being it will have to Paraguay B2B List be people of flesh and blood. Role 5: the tech tiger The tech tiger knows the technology of computers and robots like no other. During the editorial meetings,

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He collects the evaluations of the AI ​​Paraguay B2B List writings. He knows how to adjust the programming of the robo-researchers or tickers. By running the right codes, the bots slowly but surely grow to the human size. The tech tiger is the player and the mechanic of the bots at the same time. Role 6: the planner One person will take care of the planning in the editorial of 2030. This ‘spider Paraguay B2B List in the web’ keeps the bigger picture in mind. He ensures that the shelf content (the ‘sustainable written’ pieces that are already ready

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